Convicted fraudster Earl Jones could be considering move to Westmount – Montreal

MONTREAL – If you ask Joey Davis what he thinks of convicted fraudster Earl Jones, you’ll get an earful.

“The man is a sociopath, I have no trust in him, I am frustrated and angry,” Davis told Global News.

Jones robbed Davis’ mother of her life savings — more than $200,000. Through his Ponzi scheme, the West Island financial advisor fleeced 158 seniors of more than $50 million.

Davis can’t believe Jones has been released from prison after serving only four years of an 11-year prison sentence.

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Jones is out on parole under several conditions including avoiding contact with his victims or their families.

Davis worries for his elderly mother who he feels may one day come face-to-face with the now 71-year-old convict.

It appears Jones is considering calling a Westmount apartment building home.

A newly-released parole report states Jones has discussed moving back with his spouse with prison officials. The same report states he’s currently living in an unknown location.

Maxine Heayberd-Jones refused an interview with Global News Friday.

According to Davis, eight of the 158 fraud victims have passed away.

Davis believes the time has come for Jones to deliver a public apology.

“If you are sincerely sorry, or have any sense of remorse,” Davis said, “step forward in the media.”

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