Canada Border Services Agency adds six more names to wanted list

TORONTO – The names of six men have been added to the Canada Border Services Agency’s wanted list.

The agency says four of the men – Anthony Alexander Clarke, Mario Ilic, Phuc Doan Nguyen and Neigabe Joel Stewart – are wanted on a Canada-wide warrant because they are inadmissible to the country due to a serious criminal history.

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The other two men – Ayodele Sunday Peters and Turhan Oleck – are inadmissible because they have been convicted for an offence outside of Canada that would constitute as an offence if committed in this country.

The Wanted by the CBSA program, which was launched in 2011, is designed to apprehend individuals who have violated the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The agency also announced two arrests of individuals on the wanted list: Wei Can Xie was arrested in Toronto in January and removed from Canada on March 2 while Alfredo Reynoso was arrested in Toronto on March 5 and has not yet been removed.

CBSA says so far Canadians have helped locate 55 wanted individuals in Canada, of whom 43 have been removed from the country, and 14 individuals abroad.

Roxanne James, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of public safety, said the fact that nearly half the people on the wanted list have been located shows not only the program’s usefulness but also the level of the public’s engagement.

“Identifying these individuals and bringing them out of the shadows is a further step to strengthening the integrity of our immigration system,” she said at a news conference in Toronto.

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Dave Hancock will serve as Alberta’s interim premier

Above: Dave Hancock addresses the media after being named interim premier

EDMONTON – Deputy Premier Dave Hancock has been chosen to serve as interim premier following Alison Redford’s resignation.

Redford announced she would resign effective Sunday evening at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

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    Premier Alison Redford resigns

    Was Alison Redford’s resignation a surprise?

    Alberta Premier Alison Redford resigns

    Nenshi: Alberta premier ‘chewed up and spit out’

  • What’s next for Alberta following Alison Redford’s surprise resignation

WATCH: Premier Alison Redford resigns 

Alberta’s Progressive Conservative caucus chose Hancock – the longest-serving minister in cabinet, currently serving his fifth term as the MLA for Edmonton-Whitemud – as interim leader and premier. Hancock’s official title until Redford officially resigns Sunday will be interim leader of caucus.

“It’s been a strange day or two,” said Hancock Thursday morning. “But I am humbled and privileged to have the confidence of caucus to provide leadership for government as we go forward until the party process to select a new leader has been concluded.”

Hancock says he will continue to govern on the agenda that has already been set forward, including the budget that was tabled earlier this month.

“Caucus, of course, and Cabinet make the decisions about what comes forward and when it comes forward. We are working on the agenda for the spring session, in terms of the things that we’ve approved. The focus primarily and now certainly, is on the budget.

“It is our job as MLAs to continue to govern on behalf of Albertans, to do the job Albertans have asked us to do,” he said. “We will go forward from here, we will provide good government to Albertans.

“We will provide stability, and we will work hard to continue to have the trust of Albertans as we move forward.”

Watch below: Tom Vernon speaks to Interim Leader Dave Hancock

He was appointed as Deputy Premier and Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education on Dec. 13, 2013. Prior to that, Hancock served as Minister of Human Services and Government House Leader and Minister of Education. He is a lawyer by profession.

Hancock, who supported Redford as she tried to weather the turmoil around her, had said he wouldn’t mind taking on the interim role for continuity’s sake. However, he said he didn’t want the job permanently. Hancock said he didn’t think he was the best long-term choice for a party that says it wants to turn over a new page.

READ MORE: What’s next for Alberta following Alison Redford’s surprise resignation 

Other PC caucus members offered their thoughts prior to Thursday morning’s meeting.

“What am I sad about?  We have a person who busted her ass for two and a half years, right?  Worked very hard for all of Albertans,” said Stephen Khan.

“Growing up on the farm, whenever you had tough times my grandpa always reminded me if you don’t know what the solution is right away then you just get back to work,” said Doug Griffiths.   “Just keep on working, and we have a lot of work to do, so that’s what I focused on.”

“We have a fantastic budget, we have the best policies, and we’re just going to carry on down that road,” he added.

“I think it’ll be to the benefit of Albertans and the future of this province.”

“I’m just reassuring people that we have a phenomenal team and we have some great policies,” echoed Steve Young, “and we just have to continue moving forward.”

“I’ve made no decisions about my future in this point in time,” said Finance Minister Doug Horner.  “Yesterday was kind of a shock to a lot of people and we’re going to take stock and make some decisions in the future about my future.”

“We were elected to govern, we’ve got to continue to do that,” he added.

“We’ve got a good budget on the table – I’m very proud of that – I’m very proud of the group that’s put that together.”

Another minister, Heather Klimchuk, said the government will continue moving ahead.

“Parties learn and evolve and we’re going to move forward and keep government and keep doing the good work Albertans expect of us.”

Redford announced she would step down after two-and-a-half years leading the province.

“Quite simply, I am not prepared to allow party and caucus infighting to get in the way of building a better future for our province and for all Albertans.”

“That is why I am announcing today that – with profound optimism for Alberta’s future – I am resigning as premier of Alberta effective this Sunday evening.”

More to come… 

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With files from The Canadian Press

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Dutch-bred retailer gsus eyes North American expansion – Toronto

TORONTO – You can add gsus sindustries to the ever-growing slate of international fashion chains seeking to broaden their reach within the North American market.

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  • David Dixon unveils bridal line for Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay

  • Melissa Nepton brings a dose of glam to sporty styles for fall 2014

  • Start Up winners seeking success away from the runway

“We just launched this year, fall ’14, in the American market,” country manager Everton McDougall said backstage at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. “We’re taking it slow because right now, the economy is still pretty tough. We want to make sure we don’t make any mistakes this time around, so we’re taking our time expanding.”

The provocatively named Dutch-bred retailer presented its fall-winter collection on Wednesday. Its newest line dubbed “Tour Des Alpes” fuses two seemingly disparate influences, with McDougall saying the collection is based on “the Boy Scouts meets Alps folklore.” Channelling inspiration from both the outdoors and cultural heritage, the collection features folklore prints and knits, he added.

For newcomers to the label, McDougall said he sees the brand as being representative of diversity in both its distinctive style and potential client base.

“There’s no age limit to fashion and we bring that to the table. And that’s what I’m trying to send as a message – that fashion is for everybody. And that’s what gsus is about.”

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5 questions Rob Ford has yet to answer

WATCH ABOVE: The mayor remained silent about new allegations of illegal activity. Jackson Proskow reports.

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  • Police documents describe Rob Ford ‘crack video’

  • Will Rob Ford be charged?

  • Past legal troubles, substance abuse allegations in the life of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

TORONTO – It’s been 10 months since Gawker published “For Sale: A Video of Toronto Mayor Rob FORD Smoking Crack Cocaine,”  five months since Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair confirmed the mayor appears in the alleged crack video, and five months less a week since Ford admitted he has smoked crack cocaine in the past.

But how the mayor got the drug, whether he was trying to get the video back, and why his lawyer and his brother Doug Ford appear to be antagonizing police are all unknown.

Here’s a look at five key questions that Ford has yet to answer.

1. Did you ask Alexander “Sandro” Lisi to recover the alleged crack cocaine video?

Lisi, Ford’s friend and former occasional driver, was charged with extortion, only weeks after an arrest on drug charges. Police allege Lisi threatened two young men into giving him the alleged crack video.

Court documents released Oct. 31 exposed an extensive police investigation of Lisi and Ford. Those documents revealed police had been following Lisi for months and had photographed him multiple times meeting the mayor at gas stations, parking lots and parks around the city. Nothing in the documents has been proven in court.

If Ford was involved, he could also face an extortion charge.

WATCH: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford runs away from reporters at city hall on March 19.

2. What was in the packages you exchanged with Lisi?

Toronto Police surveillance showed Ford and Lisi with packages at an Esso gas station twice in July 2013, according to CCTV stills and descriptions recorded in 300 pages of information used by police to obtain a search warrant. The documents include allegations that have not yet been proven in court.

On one occasion, the documents allege, Ford entered the station and headed straight to the washroom. Soon after, Lisi entered the gas station holding a manila envelope. He made purchases, left the station, walked along the passenger side of Ford’s Escalade and walked out of frame of the surveillance cameras. At about the same time he left the frame, Ford came out of the washroom, made a purchase, and then got into his Escalade and drove away, according to the documents.

In documents released Wednesday, police characterized some of Ford’s meetings and communications with Lisi as “indicative to that of drug trafficking.”

Ford ran away from reporters at city hall on Wednesday afternoon following the release of these allegations. (See video at top of story).

3. How did you come to know the people who provided you with crack cocaine?

While it’s unclear who provided the mayor with crack cocaine, court documents allege Ford had visited a “trap house” with ties to a Toronto street gang. The gang, referred to as the “Dixon Bloods” or the “Dixon Goonies,” operated in northwest Toronto near Kipling Avenue and Dixon Road, and was the focus of a police raid called Project Traveller.

Lisi’s extortion charge sheet alleges he “did induce Mohamed Siad or Liban Siyad by threats or violence or menaces to deliver said digital video recording.” Siad and Siyad are charged in connection with the Project Traveller raid, which was part of a larger group of raids throughout southern Ontario.

INTERACTIVE: Who’s who in the Rob Ford documents

Siad was charged with three counts of participation in a criminal organization, fourteen counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, four counts of trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in firearms, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, and possession of firearm obtained by the commission of an offence.

Siyad was charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence and participation in a criminal organization.

They were among 28 people arrested during raids on June 17, 2013, when police seized over $500,000 and approximately $3 million in drugs. Over the span of the raids, 44 people faced approximately 224 charges – a significant number of which were related to trafficking guns and drugs and participating in a criminal organization.

4. How many times have you smoked crack cocaine or used other illegal drugs since becoming mayor of Toronto?

Ford’s initial denial was on May 24, 2013: “I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine.” He changed his answer Nov. 5 to “yes, I have smoked crack cocaine” but that it was “probably in one of [his] drunken stupors … about a year ago,” a time when he held the position of mayor. Ford said reporters in the past “didn’t ask the right questions” and that he was answering because Global News reporter Jackson Proskow—who had asked the same question many times before—had asked the question “properly.”

On Nov. 7, 2013 a video of Ford was posted online that appeared to show him in an agitated rage, slapping his legs and making death threats. Ford said he was “extremely inebriated” in the video.

WARNING: There is graphic language contained in the below video, purchased by the Toronto Star and obtained by Global News.

The following week, city councilor Denzil Minnan-Wong asked Ford if he had purchased illegal drugs in the past two years. Ford answered yes.

A second video showing Ford drunkenly rambling profanity in Jamaican patois emerged Jan. 21, 2014 in the face of his claims to have sworn off booze.

Since Ford’s initial admission, Proskow and others have asked about the frequency of the mayor’s drug use, to which he has said repeatedly he doesn’t currently “do drugs” and is not “an addict.”

5. Why won’t you agree to an interview with police or take police up on their offer to view the alleged crack video?

According to the documents released Wednesday, Detective Gary Giroux spoke with the mayor’s lawyer Dennis Morris between Oct. 28 and Nov. 7. Giroux offered to let the mayor view the video under two conditions: He couldn’t discuss the video with anyone and couldn’t comment on the video.

“As per Denis [sic] MORRIS – The Mayor would not be coming in to see Police,” the documents read. (Ford has also refused to be interviewed by police, citing his lawyer’s advice).

Ford refused comment Wednesday, but Morris called the police offer “baloney.” Morris said for police to show the mayor but not allow him to discuss it with anyone was “absurd.”

READ MORE: Mayor Rob Ford calls on Chief Blair to release video

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With files from Jackson Proskow, James Armstrong and Anna Mehler Paperny

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Police seek witnesses in Deerfoot Trail shooting – Calgary

CALGARY – Police are hoping to identify witnesses of a recent officer-involved shooting on Deerfoot Trail who haven’t yet come forward to speak with them.

Officers opened fire on a pickup truck travelling on southbound Deerfoot Trail last month, after the vehicle rammed into several police cruisers following a dangerous joyride.

The shooting on Friday, February 28th killed 34-year-old Jason Gary Roy and injured 26-year-old Ashley Jennifer Silver.

Although police say several witnesses have contacted them, they still need to speak with the occupants of one vehicle in the area at the time.

On Thursday, police released a photo of the vehicle – asking the public to help them identify the occupants.

The car was travelling on southbound Deerfoot Trail, just south of McKenzie Lake Boulevard S.E. on February 28, 2014 at approximately 10:15 p.m.

If you were one of the occupants in this vehicle or know who the occupants were, you’re asked to contact the Calgary ASIRT office at 403-592-4306.

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  • Brother of Calgary woman shot by police says shooting was unjustified

  • Man, woman shot on Deerfoot Trail well-known to Calgary police

  • One dead, one critical after shots fired in police incident on Deerfoot Trail

Infighting erupts among Metis National Council leadership

OTTAWA – Bitter infighting has erupted among the leaders of the group that represents the country’s Metis people.

The rift pits four of the five heads of the provincial Metis organizations that sit on the Metis National Council’s board of governors against a fifth member and president Clement Chartier.

Internal correspondence shows the leaders of Metis groups in four provinces have been trying for months to hold a board meeting.

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They say they want to address financial and management issues and set an election date for council president.

But Chartier – supported by council finance minister and fellow governor David Chartrand of the Manitoba Metis Federation – says a meeting will not be held until a court case involving the Saskatchewan organization runs its course.

All of this has raised tensions among board members.

“We have tried, as the board of governors – four, I’ll say four of the board of governors – we have tried to address this,” said Audrey Poitras, president of the Metis Nation of Alberta.

She and three other board members – Gary Lipinski of the Metis Nation of Ontario, Robert Doucette of Metis Nation Saskatchewan and Bruce Dumont of Metis Nation British Columbia – have been asking Chartier for months to call a meeting.

Their letters and emails prompted sharp rebukes from Chartier and Chartrand.

The board has not met since last June, Poitras said. A planned December meeting was called off.

“As we’ve found out, the only person that feels he can call a meeting is President Chartier – even though our bylaws clearly say that if any three members request a meeting, the president is to call it,” Poitras said.

That has thrown Chartier’s presidency into limbo in the minds of Poitras and some of her counterparts.

The council’s bylaws say elections are supposed to be held between the second and third year of the president’s term. Chartier last won re-election in December 2010, meaning his term was set to expire at the end of last year.

But only the board of governors can set the date of the presidential vote – something they cannot do unless they all meet. So until an election date is set, Chartier remains president.

Chartier says the council received a legal opinion that he should remain in office until the situation in Saskatchewan is sorted out.

“I should note that in 2007, external events, again in Saskatchewan, forced a delay in the MNC Assembly,” he said in a written statement.

“The same governing member presidents attempted to remove me on the grounds that my term had expired, which led to costly court action and a major disruption of the MNC.

“A court ruled that the leadership issue was to be resolved through an election which I won.”

Other board members disagree.

“Well, that’s his opinion,” said Poitras. “I know there’s some of the board of governors who refuse to call him president any longer.”

One of them is Dumont: “I’m not going to call him president, because his term has finished.”

Poitras and other provincial Metis leaders say they are now going public with their concerns so they don’t become associated with the findings of an investigation of the council’s management and finances.

The Canadian Press recently reported never-before-released details of an audit of the council by the Aboriginal Affairs Department. Some of those details included questionable contracts and apparent conflicts of interest.

A summary of the department’s findings, obtained under access-to-information legislation, offered a glimpse of what was happening behind-the-scenes before new measures were introduced to help make the council more transparent and accountable.

Poitras stressed that neither she nor the other provincial leaders knew about the issues flagged by Aboriginal Affairs.

But Chartier says the four board members knew of the allegations when they approved the council’s audited financial statements in the summer of 2012.

The dispute comes at a pivotal time for the Metis. A Federal Court ruling last year brought Metis and non-status Indians into the ranks of people considered “Indians” under the Constitution.

The Conservative government is now appealing that decision, which – if left to stand – would vastly expand Ottawa’s responsibilities for aboriginal peoples.

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BLOG: Morning News Rewind – March 20 – Saskatoon

Country rockers Me & Mae, kittens in Adopt a Pet, the provincial budget, a watershed conference, Travel Tips and the High Voltage Classic were featured on a very busy Morning News for Thursday, March 20.

Oh, and happy spring!

Kevin rues not being a part of the High Voltage Classic Ball Hockey tournament

The 29th annual High Voltage Classic Ball Hockey tournament will take on 23rd between 3rd and 4th Aves. this weekend.

Given the number of ball hockey games I see outside nowadays, I lament not hearing about this sooner! I would have been all over pulling a team together.

All the money raised from this (because it’s a charity event!) goes to the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation here in the city. A great cause, and a great event. Also, they have a beer garden, so head down and enjoy it!

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Melissa learns more about a watershed conference taking place in Saskatoon

For the first time, the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds and the Sask. C & D Association have partnered together to facilitate the annual watershed conference. By doing that, they are hoping to collaborate and work together to address issues that different watersheds may face.

I found it fascinating that the association is solely run by volunteers. There was so much to discuss this morning that I felt that a couple minutes throughout the show made it very difficult to explain. Water affects us all and many different sectors of industries that make are province functional.

The conference will be looking further in-depth on the future of water management in Saskatchewan and hopefully deliver insight on conserving and protecting source water with economic, environmental and social values for future generations.

In Travel Tips, Kevin learns the best way to exchange currency

You hear all these credit card commercials that talk about how awesome it is to use your MasterVisa Express when you need to buy perogies from a roadside baba in Minsk. Who happens to have access to a debit machine.

Instead, our travel guru Barb from Ixtapa is more in favour of taking out denominations from a local ATM. Be sure you phone your bank and let them know you’re heading out, as well. Wouldn’t want a lockdown now, would ya?

Zach Jeffries discusses with Joelle how the provincial budget will benefit Saskatoon

I had the opportunity to sit down with city councillor Zach Jeffries following the provincial budget announcement yesterday.

This was a great opportunity to get more local clarification on what the budget announcement means for the two major bridge projects in Saskatoon. While the City of Saskatoon has applied for P3 funding from the federal government, the announcement yesterday only touched on the development of the north parkway commuter bridge, and neglected to mention the downtown traffic bridge.

I asked Zach what this means, and he reminded me that these things take time, but yesterday’s announcement was definitely a step in the right direction. He hopes that by the end of 2017, the north parkway commuter bridge will be well underway, providing another option for commuters in Saskatoon.

If anyone has been on the Circle Drive North commute during rush hour, they know the frustration of long waits and traffic delays. Jeffries told me that on any given day, there are around 100,000 drivers on that roadway! With a north parkway bridge, that number could be halved.

Only time will tell when it comes to the bridge development projects in Saskatoon, but with the government announcing their support for the commuter bridge, we can be cautiously optimistic that change is on the way.

Is Me and Mae another band for Kevin to add to his playlist?

On their media tour right now, the band “Me and Mae” describes their sound as a barn burner. It’s hardly of any surprise – the rich vocals and upbeat guitar melodies they strolled in with today had Jess and I boodlybopping (sorry for speaking Cosby-ese a moment ago, there).

They have the sort of sound that you could see (hear) on the radio, so check them out, and be a Me and Mae hipster.

Jessica was smitten by Lulu and Minnie, two kittens up for adoption at the Saskatoon SPCA

These were the most docile kittens we have had on our show… ever!! Absolutely adorable. Minnie was laying down playing and purring the whole time, and Lulu was just staring at Kevin and I with the most loving eyes.

The Saskatoon SPCA has a number of positions they are recruiting volunteers for. If you’re interested, on April 3 there is an opportunity for you to ask questions to current board members at the shelter and nominate yourself!

The new members will be chosen at the Annual General Meeting will be held on April 24.

Jessica and Kevin preview Friday’s Morning News

Robert Pattinson, Jay Baruchel projects take turns at Toronto house – Toronto

TORONTO — A feature film starring Robert Pattinson and a TV pilot starring Jay Baruchel are taking over a heritage building in downtown Toronto only days apart.

Life, starring Pattinson and Dane DeHaan, will shoot scenes Thursday night inside a brick walk-up at 71 Gloucester Street, just off Church Street.

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Five days later, crews will return to the building to film scenes for Man Seeking Woman starring Baruchel.

71 Gloucester is part of the Wallace Millichamp House built in 1875 and is listed on the city’s Inventory of Heritage Properties. (Millichamp was a Toronto councillor in the mid-1880s.)

The property has previously been used for film and TV projects, including 2009’s The Time Traveler’s Wife starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

Directed by Anton Corbijn (The American), Life tells the story of the friendship that developed between actor James Dean (DeHaan) and photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) when Stock was assigned to photograph Dean for Life magazine in 1955.

The movie also stars Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby) and Ben Kingsley (Ender’s Game).

In Man Seeking Woman, Baruchel plays a naive romantic desperately looking for love after his longtime girlfriend dumps him. It follows his adventures in Chicago’s dating scene.

Based on Simon Rich’s book The Last Girlfriend On Earth, the pilot is being made for U.S. cable channel FX by Toronto-born Lorne Michaels’ production company Broadway Video.

Man Seeking Woman is being directed by Jonathan Krisel (Portlandia).

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Anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps dead at 84 – National

Fred Phelps Sr., the anti-gay pastor known for picketing funerals with signs that read “God Hates Fags,” is dead at the age of 84.

A family member confirmed to the news to a local news affiliate in Topeka, Kan., where Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church is based.

Phelps Sr.’s son Timothy told WIBW his father died late Wednesday night at a care facility.

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But, his daughter Margie Phelps told The Associated Press that Fred Phelps died shortly after midnight Thursday. She didn’t provide the cause of death or the condition that recently put him in hospice care.

Just days earlier, Phelps Sr.’s estranged son Nathan Phelps, who now lives in Calgary, revealed his father was on the “edge of death” at Midland Hospice House in Topeka.

READ MORE: Anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps on ‘edge of death’: son

Phelps, the sixth oldest child of 13, also said his father had been “ex-communicated” from his notorious church.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this. Terribly ironic that his devotion to his god ends this way. Destroyed by the monster he made,” Phelps said in a Facebook post late Saturday.

Phelps Sr. and his followers have become notorious for holding protests at funerals of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, particularly those who have died as a result of hate crimes.

Rev. Fred Phelps, from Westboro Baptist Church, protests the meeting between the Rev. Jerry Falwell and the Rev. Mel White in Lynchburg, Va., on Saturday, Oct. 23, 1999.

Doug Koonts, New and Advance/AP Photo, File

Most notably, the group picketed the 1998 funeral of Matthew Shepard – a gay Laramie, Wy. man who died five days after he was abducted, beaten, pistol-whipped and left tied to a fence for 18 hours in frigid temperatures.

The Westboro Baptist Church followers have also protested outside funerals and commemorations for fallen U.S. soldiers, claiming they died as a result of God’s punishment for U.S. policies supporting gay rights.

In recent days, the group has tweeted messages about the suicide of fashion designer L’Wren Scott.

The designer, who was Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend, died on Monday. The group tweeted posts with the hashtags #LWrenInHell and #PicketFuneral.

Global News reached out to the Westboro Baptist Church on Sunday to confirm Phelps Sr.’s health condition and his status as a member of the organization, but no response was ever received.

The next day, the group tweeted a blog post responding to media queries saying Phelps Sr. is “a person of advanced age, and such people sometimes have health issues.” In regards to his position in the Westboro Baptist Church, which he founded in 1955, the organization said “membership issues are private.”

At the time of publication, there was no mention of Phelps’ death on the Westboro Baptist Church website or on its 桑拿会所 account.

Westboro Baptist Church in Canada

In 2008, the Canadian government blocked members of Westboro Baptist Church from entering the country to protest the funeral for 22-year-old Tim McLean, who was decapitated on a Greyhound bus on July 30 of that year.

Phelps Sr., who founded the Westboro Baptist Church in 1955, attended the Prairie Bible Institute, located in Three Hills, Alta., his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper confirmed.

She said her father attended the evangelical institution in 1949 and 1950, according to an article posted on the Vancouver Sun website in Sept. 2013.

Nathan Phelps, who does not share his father’s and family members views and has spoken about enduring years of abuse at the hands of his father, left the family and moved to California in 1981. He eventually moved to Vancouver and later settled near Calgary. He now works as an advocate for LGBT rights.

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Spring snowfall causes crashes on Calgary roads and area highways – Calgary

CALGARY – Wintry weather is being blamed for a series of car crashes throughout the city on Thursday.

Although it officially became spring at 10:57 a.m. MST on March 20th – snow began to fall early in the morning, leaving city streets cold and icy.

Calgary Police say there were 95 collisions reported between 6 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., four of which involved injuries.

North of Calgary, a man died after his car left the road and ended up submerged in a creek in Airdrie.

Story continues below

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  • Man dies after car rolls into creek in Airdrie

Highway conditions deteriorate

RCMP are warning that area highways are in bad shape due to snow, wind and ice.

Road reports website Alberta 511 lists the QEII Highway as partially snow-covered from Edmonton south to the Montana border, and RCMP warn that the stretch from Red Deer to Calgary is particularity bad. Multiple collisions have been reported due to limited visibility with blowing snow and icy roads.

Alberta 511 lists the Trans-Canada Highway west of the city as snow-covered from Calgary to Canmore – and in even worse shape east of the city from Calgary to Strathmore.

Police were called to several crashes just east of Calgary due to snowy and icy highway conditions.

Global News

Around 10:30 a.m., RCMP released an advisory warning drivers to steer clear of McKnight Boulevard N.E. from city limits east to Highway 9 due to a collision near Conrich,

About an hour later, RCMP released another advisory, cautioning motorists against driving on Highway 3 between Pincher Creek and Fort McLeod, saying driving conditions were “horrendous” with visibility near zero.

Calgary’s seven day weather forecast

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel anticipates about three to six centimeters of snow will fall on Thursday, with the temperature steady near -4°C.

The snowfall should continue through the evening before eventually tapering off by Friday afternoon.

On Friday – the first full day of spring – the forecasted high is a chilly -10°C.

To get your weather forecast on the go, download our Skytracker Weather App.