Flight MH370: 14 days of searching, no plane debris found – National

WATCH: (Mar. 21, 2014) Australian search planes head back to the southern Indian Ocean, for another attempt at spotting possible debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Hours of searching on Friday, turned up nothing in the increasingly frustrating search for answers. Brian Mooar reports.


Malaysia asking US to provide undersea search equipment; Pentagon has spent $2.5M on search so far, $1.5M still budgeted for aidPlanes flying deep into the southern Indian Ocean find ”nothing of significance” FridaySearchers are looking for two large floating objects detected by a satellite off the southwest coast of Australia, about halfway to the desolate islands of the Antarctic.U.S. company provides Australia satellite imagery of possible debris

An Australian search plane returned to Perth on Friday after its hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 turned up no new information.

Flight Lieutenant Russell Adams told media at an air force base in Perth that conditions near the site of the spotted objects was excellent but that they had to return because “conditions back here precluded us from staying on.”

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The P-3 Orion is one of five planes searching on Friday for objects spotted in satellite images released on Thursday thought to possibly be linked to the missing airliner.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, the acting transport minister said they were still waiting for Australia to confirm whether the objects had any connection to the flight.

WATCH: Search for missing Malaysian plane turns up no leads in southern Indian ocean

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At a daily news briefing, Malaysia’s Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said they were continuing search operations in both northern and southern “corridors.”

‘It may have slipped to the bottom’

Warren Truss, who is acting prime minister while Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, said the search was difficult due to testing weather conditions and because the satellite imagery was five days old.

“So something that was floating on the sea that long ago may no longer be floating – it may have slipped to the bottom. It’s also certain that any debris or other material would have moved a significant distance over that time, potentially hundreds of kilometres.”

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Truss told reporters that two Chinese aircraft are expected to arrive in Perth on Saturday to join the search, and two Japanese aircraft will be arriving Sunday. A small flotilla of ships coming to Australia from China was still several days away.

“We are doing all that we can, devoting all the resources we can and we will not give up until all of the options have been exhausted,” Truss said. “We can’t be certain that the sightings are in fact debris from the aircraft (but) it is about the only lead that is around at the present time.”

U.S. company provides Australia satellite imagery 

A U.S. satellite imagery company said it provided the Australian government with images located by satellite and identified by analysts as possible debris.

READ MORE: U.S. company provides Australia satellite imagery of possible debris

“We have been informed by an Australian government official that it was our imagery Prime Minister Abbott referred to in his recent comments,” said DigitalGlobe in a statement to Global News. “No conclusions have been reached about the origins of the debris or objects shown in the imagery, and we are not aware that any subsequent search missions have been able to locate it.”

Discussion with relatives of passengers ‘difficult’

Malaysia’s acting transport minister acknowledged on Friday that discussions with relatives of those missing onboard Flight MH370 had been “very difficult.”

“The one question that they really want to know is the answer to which we do not have, which is ‘where are their loved ones, and where is the airplane?’” said  Hussein at a daily media briefing.

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Earlier this week, frustrated Chinese families of passengers said they would set up a “self-help” committee and urged the Malaysian government to send representatives to Beijing to brief them.

“We want Malaysia to send government representatives to attend the meeting with families,” said Mr Wen, the father of one of the missing passengers.

“Only the government can answer our questions about where the plane is and where our families are,” he added.

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WATCH: Aliens? Zombies? A black hole? The island from “Lost”? With no solid leads yet in the case of the missing Malaysian airliner, wild theories are starting to run rampant. 

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Teenage gunmen waited three hours before attack on Kabul hotel: sources

WATCH ABOVE: (Mar. 21, 2014) Two Canadians are among nine people who died in a Taliban attack on a luxury hotel in Kabul. As Jacques Bourbeau reports, it looks like an ominous sign of things to come in Afghanistan.

OTTAWA – Disturbing details are emerging about a horrific attack at a high-end hotel in Afghanistan’s capital that killed nine people, including two Canadian women.

Global News has learned teenage gunmen gained access to the tightly-secured Serena Hotel in Kabul by telling security they wanted to enjoy Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebrated in Afghanistan.

Sources say the gunmen waited three hours until the restaurant was full before attacking foreigners at around 9:45 p.m. local time.

One of the victims was Roshan Thomas from Vancouver, B.C. Her identity was first announced on 桑拿会所 by British Columbia Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer.

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Thomas’ colleagues, who were also at the hotel, were offered refuge and assistance at the Canadian embassy, located 3.2 kilometres from the hotel.

The second Canadian victim is Zeenab Kassam, a nurse from Calgary. Her family said she was volunteering as an English teacher in Afghanistan and had been in the country for a year and a half.

Kassam’s brother told Global News in Calgary that Kassam and Thomas were out for dinner at the hotel celebrating the vernal equinox. He said he hoped someone held her hand as she died, and that she didn’t suffer.

WATCH: Video of Roshan Thomas provided by her family.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird called the attack “brazen and cowardly.”

Baird described the two Canadian victims as “development workers,” but said they didn’t work directly for the federal government.

“A tragedy for the families,” Baird told reporters Friday as he boarded a plane in Ottawa to accompany Prime Minister Stephen Harper on a trip to Ukraine and a nuclear security conference in the Netherlands.

“Many of these people dedicated their lives to helping everyday Afghans build a better country for themselves, including education, and enhancing the role of women and girls in Afghan society. For this selfless work to be met with violence, especially on the occasion of Nowruz, just further proves the depravity of the Taliban and those who support them,” said Baird.

WATCH: Baird calls attack on Kabul hotel “brazen and cowardly”

A statement from Foreign Affairs issued Friday said only that Canadian diplomats in Kabul are working with authorities to gather additional information. A spokesman for Baird tweeted that all Canadian staff at the embassy in Kabul are safe and accounted for.

Officials say a total of four foreigners were among the nine people who died in the attack, including two children who were shot in the head.

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The Afghan capital has been hit by several attacks, but authorities appeared stunned the militants had managed to get through the tight security at the Serena hotel – considered one of the safest places to stay in Kabul.

The shooting rampage was the latest in a series of high-profile attacks as the Taliban and allied militants step up a campaign of violence in the weeks leading to April 5 national elections.

It’s the second time this year that Canadians have died in Kabul.

In January two Canadian accountants died in a Taliban suicide attack in Afghanistan.

Martin Glazer, of Gatineau, Que., and Peter McSheffrey, of Ottawa were among 21 people killed when a suicide bomber and two gunmen attacked a popular restaurant in the Afghan capital.

The two were in Afghanistan doing an audit for the Canadian International Development Agency.

With files from The Canadian Press and The Associated Press

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the spelling of the Calgary victim’s first name to Zeenab Kassam. Global News regrets the error.

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Supreme Court will hear appeal for Derksen’s alleged killer – Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – Three decades after the murder of Candace Derksen, the identity of her killer is once again in dispute.

“My hope, our hope, it would be a done deal,” said Fred Derksen, Candace’s father. “That would be great, but we’re not hanging on that.”

Canada’s highest court will now hear the case and decide whether Mark Edward Grant deserves a new trial.

Grant was convicted of second-degree murder in 2011, but last October, that conviction was overturned by the Manitoba Court of Appeal.

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“My hope is that they will uphold the decision. I think [the murder conviction] was the right decision,” Candace’s mother, Wilma Derksen, told Global News Thursday.

When the 13-year old went missing in 1984 it sparked a massive manhunt. Derksen was eventually found frozen to death, her body tied up, in an East Kildonan shed.

The case went cold for 20 years but in 2007, DNA evidence led police to Grant.

After a lengthy trial, Grant’s lawyer appealed the conviction, arguing the judge made several errors during the trial. The DNA evidence was also questioned.

Grant’s lawyer wasn’t expecting the Supreme Court of Canada to step in.

“I was surprised,” said Saul Simmonds, Grant’s legal counsel. “I would have thought the decision by the Court of Appeal was so strong we wouldn’t be there, but you never know what drives [the Supreme Court of Canada’s] attention.”

Grant is still in custody but can apply for bail as his conviction has been overturned. Simmonds wouldn’t say whether he plans to do that at this point.

It could take more than a year before the Supreme Court of Canada hears Grant’s case.

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Friday, March 21, 2014 on The Morning Show

KEVIN DINEEN – Gold medal coach from the Canadian women’s Olympic hockey team, Kevin Dineen, joins The Morning Show to talk about making the switch from coaching NHL players to amateur sports. Dineen’s next step will be coaching the men’s under-18 hockey team.

BIG BROTHER CANADA – Another one bites the dust. The Morning Show speaks to the latest Big Brother Canada evictee in the reality television series.

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Workers at CN Rail reject a second contract proposal – National

MONTREAL – Three-thousand workers at CN Rail have rejected a second tentative contract, prompting the company to suggest the talks go to binding arbitration.

CN issued a statement Thursday night saying it was notified by Teamsters Canada, which represents conductors, yard workers and other train workers, that its members rejected the deal.

The latest tentative deal was reached in early February in the face of a threatened strike by the employees.

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It came as Labour Minister Kellie Leitch indicated that the federal government was preparing back-to-work legislation.

Leitch had expressed concern the strike would cause disruption to Canada’s economy.

The workers had rejected another tentative contract last fall.

Claude Mongeau, CN’s president and chief executive officer, expressed disappointment at the workers’ decision.

“CN today tabled an offer to the (union) to settle all unresolved contract issues through final binding arbitration to allow the parties to move forward without the prospect of labour disruption,” Mongeau said in a statement.

“A labour dispute now would ill serve CN’s customers, the Canadian economy or the company’s employees.”

The union did not immediately comment on Thursday’s developments.

CN says it transports about $250 billion worth of goods annually for a wide range of business, including natural resources and consumer goods.

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New smartphone app could reduce wait times for patients – Halifax

HALIFAX – A Halifax doctor is working on a new app to reduce waiting times for hip and knee replacement patients.

Dr. Michael Dunbar is an orthopaedic surgeon who is dissatisfied with the province’s long waiting times.

“We see a lot of patients waiting a long time to see us and a lot of patients, when they get here, are often told they didn’t need to see us,” he said.

The situation doesn’t become any better after patients undergo surgery.

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“It’s often necessary to bring them back, to interview them, look at their x-rays. So they can come back every year, year and year, and that uses a tremendous amount of resources,” he said.

It’s a situation Coline Damczyk knows all too well.

The Fall River woman had both knees replaced within a few years.

While she’s grateful for the improvement to her life, she admits the doctor visits can be arduous process.

“From where I live, it’s about three hours of your time gone because of the travel in, finding a parking spot, time in the reception, time in the office, time to get out of the Halifax office to get back home,” she said.

This particular experience of patients is the reason Dunbar is developing an app that can be downloaded on the smartphone called the gait monitoring system. Gait is the pattern of movement of limbs.

Using technology that is already in the smartphone, the app will help monitor body movements.

“This is a way of taking of taking our knowledge of what we see when we see our patients directly and putting it into a remote, reliable computer based fashion that we can follow without having to see the patient,” Dunbar said.

The app would monitor a patient’s centre of mass displacement, which can detect whether something is amiss post-surgery.

“Instead of me calling you back once a year after your hip replacement or your knee replacement, I would just send you a text once a year saying, ‘Turn this device on. Put it on your back. Go for a walk. Push a button.’. When you push a button, it will send [data] to us. We will analyze that signal, compare it to your previous one and send you a text back whether you need to see us,” Dunbar said.

“They can give us real time, evidence based, patient specific outcomes directly from their home.”

The surgeon is hopeful it will bring radical change to the healthcare system in terms of reducing wait times for patients and streamlining work for doctors.

“We have a tremendous opportunity in this province. We have some very serious challenges with respect to accessing healthcare. We have an older population. We have a lot of disease morbidity,” he said.

“Instead of everybody coming centrally to the big hospitals. Let’s keep them in their community. It’s better for the patients. I should have more time to see patients who really need to see me, who really need my expertise in a certain area.”

Patients like Damczyk say anything that makes the process easier for patients is a good thing.

“I think it would be wonderful to have anything that would cut down on the time you waste parking, traveling and waiting.”

The app could also be used to help cardiac, stroke and spinal cord patients.

The app is still in the development phase but Dunbar is hopeful it will be tested soon.

Dunbar said 100 people will be recruited from the Halifax to try the app.

It would be downloaded for a cost, with proceeds funneling back into the province’s healthcare system.

Turkey blocks Twitter – National

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey restricted access to 桑拿会所 on Friday hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “root out” the social media network where wiretapped recordings have been leaked, damaging the government’s reputation ahead key local elections this month.

Many users trying to access the network early on Friday were confronted with a notice from Turkey’s telecommunications authority, citing court orders for the site’s apparent closure.

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桑拿会所 spokesman Nu Wexler said the company was “looking into this now,” without saying whether an outage had occurred in the country.

桑拿会所’s (at)policy account earlier sent out messages telling Turkish users in both English and Turkish they could send out tweets by using short message service, or “SMS.” It was unclear if tweets sent this way would be viewable within the country.

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes criticized the ban on her 桑拿会所 account as “groundless, pointless, cowardly.”

“Turkish people and the (international) community will see this as censorship. It is,” she said.

The Internet has in the past weeks been awash with incriminating leaked recordings, including one in which Erdogan allegedly instructs his son to dispose of large amounts of cash from a residence amid a police graft probe. Erdogan, who denies corruption, said the recording was fabricated. Links to the recordings were posted on 桑拿会所.

At an election rally on Thursday, Erdogan vowed to take steps against 桑拿会所 regardless of “what the international community will say.”

Erdogan insists the recordings are fabricated and part of plot by followers of an influential U.S.-based Muslim cleric to discredit the government ahead of the March 30 elections.

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Crosby cruising to Hart Trophy – National

The only thing that can stop Sidney Crosby from winning his second Hart Trophy as league MVP is an injury. With less than a month to play in the regular season, the race is little more than a formality.

Of course, the last two times Crosby was cruising towards a Hart Trophy—2007-08 and 2012-13—he did suffer an injury, forcing him from the race. But even if Crosby sat out the rest of the season, his league-leading 91 points would still be more than either Ryan Getzlaf or Phil Kessel, second and third in league scoring, are on pace to finish with this season.

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Heading into Thursday night’s games, Crosby was leading the NHL in scoring by a staggering 17 points. You have to go back to 1998-99—when Jaromir Jagr led the league in scoring by 20 points—for someone to have crushed the competition so badly.

Crosby isn’t just a play-making, shot-taking, goal-scoring superstar either. Increasingly, head coach Dan Bylsma has used Crosby like a checking centre, having no problem going power-versus-power and sending out Crosby against the other team’s top line. And it’s worked. When Crosby is on the ice at even-strength, the Penguins prevent shots about as well as the New Jersey Devils, the stingiest team when it comes to shots against. They get all that and elite offence. Not a bad strategy.

Crosby’s dominance is also particularly impressive because of who he plays with. Although the Penguins have the likes of Evgeni Malkin and James Neal, Crosby spends the majority of his minutes with Chris Kunitz and, since the trade deadline, Lee Stempniak. Both are fine players, but Crosby is turning Stempniak into a first-line player and Kunitz into an Olympian.

Sure, there are other contenders. After a slow star,t Claude Giroux has turned it on and is once again a point-a-game player, putting the Flyers in a playoff position that, at one point, seemed like an impossibility. Phil Kessel has elevated the Maple Leafs with what could be a 40-goal season. And reigning MVP Alex Ovechkin will most likely be the only player to break the 50-goal barrier. But none come close to Crosby’s dominance.

If you want to nitpick, you can complain that Crosby doesn’t kill penalties for his team, like Ryan Getzlaf does for the Ducks, but that’s a quibble. Getzlaf aside, most Hart contenders don’t play much on the penalty kill because they are much more valuable to their team elsewhere. Teams have grinders and defensive specialists for a reason. You could make a case that short-handed play tilts the argument when all else is equal, but it isn’t.

The season is far from over, and the sprint to the post-season is heating up. But for the Hart Trophy the race is as good as done. Crosby is the best and it isn’t even close.

Turkish attempt to ban Twitter appears to backfire – National

WATCH: (Mar. 21, 2014) Turkey’s prime minister blocked 桑拿会所 because he said it was being used to spread allegations of corruption inside his government. It was down for a hours, but the whole plan backfired and brought more attention to the very thing he was trying to hide. Mike Drolet reports.

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ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey’s attempt to block access to 桑拿会所 appeared to backfire on Friday with many tech-savvy users circumventing the ban and suspicions growing that the prime minister was using court orders to suppress corruption allegations against him and his government.

Turkey’s telecommunications authority said it had blocked access to the social media network hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “rip out the roots” of the website. Tweets have proliferated with links to recordings that appear to incriminate him and other top officials in corruption.

Lutfi Elvan, Turkey’s minister in charge of transport and communications, said Turkey was merely obeying court orders — although an Istanbul lawyers group argued the court decisions were about blocking access to parts of websites deemed to be violating privacy — not entire websites.

Turkey in the past has blocked access to YouTube, but this is the first ban on 桑拿会所, which is hugely popular in the country — to the point where Turkish hashtags routinely appear in global trends. The social network was instrumental in organizing flash protests against the government last year.

By midday Friday, tweets were continuing unabated as users swapped instructions online on how to change settings. One enterprising user spread the word by defacing Turkish election posters with instructions on beating censors.

President Abdullah Gul was among those who circumvented the order, which he contested in a series of tweets. Gul, once a political ally of Erdogan, has spoken out against Internet censorship in the past, although last month he approved government moves to tighten controls over the Internet.

“I hope this implementation won’t last long,” he wrote.

Links to leaked recordings have been popping up on two Turkish 桑拿会所 accounts, including one in which a voice resembling Erdogan’s instructs his son to dispose of large amounts of cash from a residence amid a police graft investigation. Erdogan, who denies corruption, said the recording was fabricated and part of a plot by followers of an influential U.S.-based Muslim cleric to discredit the government before March 30 local elections.

“Prime Minister Erdogan’s move spells the lengths he will go to censor the flood of politically damaging wiretap recordings circulating on social media,” said Emma Sinclair-Webb, senior Turkey researcher at Human Rights Watch.

Andrew Przybylski, a researcher at Britain’s Oxford Internet Institute, said the ban appeared to be working through Domain Name System — or DNS — blocking, which was easy to work around.

He said many 桑拿会所-hungry Turks manually changed the DNS settings on their computers and in their phones to point to Google’s Domain Name System, which isn’t affected by the ban.

Earlier, many users trying to access the network instead saw a notice from Turkey’s telecommunications authority, citing four court orders.

Turkey’s lawyers’ association asked a court to overturn the ban, arguing it was unconstitutional and violated Turkish and European human rights laws. Turkey’s main opposition party also applied for a cancellation.

桑拿会所’s @policy account tweeted: “We stand with our users in Turkey who rely on 桑拿会所 as a vital communications platform. We hope to have full access returned soon.”

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes criticized the 桑拿会所 ban in Turkey — a country that is seeking to join the European Union — as “groundless, pointless, cowardly.”

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Washington had conveyed “serious concern” to the Turkish government and said it supported the “people of Turkey in their calls to restore access to the blocked technologies.”

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “Actions like this are contrary to Turkey’s own expressed desire to be a model of democracy, to uphold the highest standards of democracy.”

The telecommunications authority accused 桑拿会所 of violating “personal rights and the confidentiality of private lives” and said access would be restored only when 桑拿会所 removes illegal content.

“Turkey is not a country that bans the Internet,” Elvan said. “We have to stand together against insults and unlawfulness.”

Technology Minister Fikri Isik said officials were holding talks with 桑拿会所 and that the ban would be lifted if an agreement is reached.

The original source of the leaked recordings is unclear. The ban comes amid rumours and news reports that even more damaging recordings are about to emerge.

In Berlin, the German government’s human rights commissioner, Christoph Straesser, called on Turkey to reverse the decision immediately. Britain’s Foreign Office said social media had a “vital role to play” in modern democracy.

Raphael Satter and Cassandra Vinograd in London, Lara Jakes in Washington, Raf Casert in Brussels and Geir Moulson in Berlin contributed.

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Mayor Iveson sets goal of eliminating poverty in Edmonton – Edmonton

EDMONTON – Although Edmonton’s economy is booming, poverty impacts thousands of people in the city. And on Thursday, Mayor Don Iveson outlined his vision to put an end to the issue.

“Our thinking needs to change. Right now we’re just managing poverty like a problem, rather than thinking about strategically changing things,” Iveson said at a symposium at the Shaw Conference Centre Thursday morning.

The city says there are more than 100,000 Edmontonians living under the poverty level, nearly 30,000 of whom are children.

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  • If ‘Not In My Back Yard’, then where? Edmonton talks homelessness

  • Edmonton mayoral forum focuses on housing and homelessness

  • Edmonton is a shining example of reducing homelessness: report

“For me, that is not acceptable,” said Iveson.

Iveson has formed a task force focused on the issue. His goal as co-chair is to see it gone within a generation.

“We have many brilliant, forward-thinking minds in our city,” he said. “By drawing from this vast knowledge and learning from people who have experience with poverty, I believe the members of this task force can find innovative solutions to empower Edmontonians and close the door on poverty.”

“Unless you set a bold goal then you just make do,” added fellow co-chair Bishop Jane Alexander. “With the incredible resources we have in Edmonton we could actually transform the nature of how we think about poverty, its existence, and do something quite extraordinary. But you have to have a bold enough vision that uses a word like elimination.”

The task force will be made up of 18 community advocates, academics and business leaders.

Julian Daly, the executive director of Boyle Street Community Services, says he would like to see the task force come up with recommendations on three key areas: racism, mental health and addiction services, and affordable housing options.

“If we can begin to address those, I think we can begin to take large numbers of the poorest of the poor in our city out of poverty,” added Daly.

The creation of the task force comes as the city continues to work on its 10-year plan to end homelessness.

“If we actually want to — not just eliminate homelessness — but prevent new people from falling into homelessness, you have to start talking about poverty reduction and poverty elimination,” explained Iveson.

A series of recommendations on the issue of poverty in Edmonton is expected by this time next year.

For more information on poverty in Edmonton, visit the city’s website.

With files from Vinesh Pratap, Global News. 

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