Sears Canada offers refunds after SHS closes

WATCH (above): After intense media pressure, Sears Canada has agreed to help those who were left out to dry by Sears Home Services. Rumina Daya has more.

Sears Canada is offering to refund customers, or ensure renovations are completed, after its partner SHS Services Management Inc. went into receivership.

The independent installation company, which provided services licensed under the Sears banner, has been liquidating its assets since the filing late last year.

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That has left some customers with unfinished renovations like roofing replacement and repairs.

Customers are still owed more than $1.8 million in services, according to the receiver’s report, Sears said on Thursday.

“Customers who paid using third-party credit cards have been able to obtain a refund for services not rendered,” the company said in a release.

“For those customers who weren’t able to obtain such refunds and for the remaining customers who paid by cash or other means, Sears will ensure that they receive the work for which they contracted or repayment.”

SHS, or Sears Home Services, owes more than $8.9 million to creditors, according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers Inc. who is acting as the receiver.

Sears said it is aware of some customers who are trying to sell their homes, but can’t because creditors have put a lien on their properties related to the unfinished work.

The company said it would work with these customers to remove the liens.